Why did we decide to make a film about Archbishop Lefebvre ?



It seems that everything has been  said or written concerning Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the founder of the Society of Saint Pius X; sometimes it has been done in an almost exhaustive way, as in the magnificent biography dedicated to him by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais. And also sometimes  in a biased or hostile way by those who do not stand that the Truth is one, or sometimes in a truncated and excessive way by those who falsify texts simply because they refuse the idea that Rome could one day accept " to restore everything in Christ ".


Fot what concerns us, the District of France intended to realize a film about the life of this surprising bishop, at times called, "The Rebel Bishop", who was at the same time the Apostolic Delegate of the Great Pope Pie XII, the Archbishop of Dakar, the Superior General of The Holy Spirit (Spiritans), and an active participant in the Second Vatican Council.


Why a film ?  It is important, in these days dominated by “video” and Internet systems as vectors of information, to communicate with young people familiar with these systems through a film, communicating with them about how one single man could resist  all the main reigning powers of the majority, power of money, power of all that is, "politically and religiously correct ".



What is the aim of this film ? To be able to show and place the facts in their proper context. To honor Archbishop Lefebvre by giving his work the justice that it deserves. To inform the world about the extraordinary love towards the Catholic Church which animated him, a love lived in everyday life by a Catholic priest.


With the support and the encouragement of Mgr. Bernard Fellay, who gave us all the necessary authorizations for the making of this film, all the archives have been opened to us. We shall collect testimonies from bishops, priests, and religious communities,  who have had the opportunity to get acquainted with Archbishop Lefebvre. Also foreseen are interviews with the members of the Archibshop Lefebvre’s family, as well as with other people wishing to participate in this important work.


Obviously,  this work is not all free from cost, even if many of the participants work with us for no compensation. So I invite you to donate and help this project by sending  interesting documents or financial aid to the Association of the Defence of  Christian Heritage [ ADPC],  who join us in the execution of this project.



For an outline of the enthousiastic work that we shall strive to undertake during the realization of this film, may I suggest you read the “Trailer” of the site.




Father Régis de Cacqueray,
District Superior for France of the SSPX



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